Baradero 3D

From absolute zero to a steady 1.1M per month, all made possible with Meta Ads! 🚀

1. Summary:

Baradero 3D is a unique artisanal producer of 3D items 🎨, with a specialization in action figures and geek merchandise. Their business operates 100% digitally, with no physical stores to its name.

2.The Challenge:

When Baradero 3D approached us, they were solely reliant on third-party marketplaces for sales. Although necessary, these platforms were draining their profitability 📉 and blocking their growth potential. This made them realize the need for their own e-commerce channel. When they partnered with us, they had zero e-commerce sales to their name. Their challenge to us: generate the crucial first sales!

3.The Solution:

4. The Outcome

The results speak for themselves! 🚀

Starting from zero, we helped them achieve a steady revenue of over 1.1M per month 📈.

On top of that, we accomplished a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 7. 

This isn’t just a one-time success; we crafted a sustainable marketing strategy that has continued to grow month after month.

This is just the beginning for Baradero 3D, and we’re excited to see where their journey takes them next! 🌟

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¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

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