Naranja Mandarina

Our exhilarating ride from a humble 0 to a massive 10 million in just 90 days, all thanks to Meta Ads! 🚀

1. Summary:

Naranja Mandarina is more than a brand; it’s a kids’ fashion phenomenon that’s been crafting and selling trendy clothing for babies, children, and pre-teens 🧒👗. With two brick-and-mortar stores, they desired to give their online platform its deserved spotlight 🏪.

2.The Challenge:

Their dream was to supercharge the online store sales 💥. Despite having a slick e-commerce platform, their monthly sales were stuck at just around 250k. Even after dabbling in advertising, their sales graph didn’t see any upturn 😞.

3.The Solution:

4. The Outcome after 90 Days:

The hard work paid off! 🚀

We soared to the 10M mark, by investing a mere 700k 💰.

We scored a whopping ROAS of 15💸. 

This strategy resulted in over 500 sales, a testament to the power of strategic marketing and audience targeting 🎯.

The journey has just begun, and we can’t wait to see where we’re heading next! 🌟

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¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

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