La Planchetta

Doubling online sales by optimizing Google Ads! 🚀

1. Summary:

La Planchetta is an exceptional brand dedicated to manufacturing and selling cooking grills and kitchenware. Operating across 4 countries with a robust team of more than 50 people, La Planchetta is a name to reckon within the culinary world.

2.The Challenge:

La Planchetta reached out to us with a specific issue: their online sales in the Uruguayan market were substantial, but stagnant. They were already harnessing the power of Meta Ads for customer generation, but somehow, scaling up eluded them.

3.The Solution:

4. The Outcome after 90 Days:

The results were beyond impressive. 🚀

Within just 90 days, we achieved a remarkable ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 12📈.

More impressively, we managed to match the sales volume of Meta Ads but with less investment 💰.

We also succeeded in positioning the brand as the top result for iron grills in Uruguay.

This strategy’s success is proof that sometimes, the key to scaling up lies in expanding your horizons and trying new channels 🌟.

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¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

¿Listo para empujar tu marca al mundo digital?

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